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Elected Members


  • To Full Council
  • To the electorate of their ward

Role Purpose and Activity

Representing and supporting communities

  • To represent ward interests
  • To be an advocate for the Council in the ward and communities they serve
  • To be a channel of communication to the community on council strategies, policies, services and procedures
  • To represent individual constituents and local organisations, undertaking casework on their behalf and serving all fairly and equally
  • To liaise with executive members, other council members, council officers and partner organisations to ensure that the needs of the local communities are identified, understood and supported
  • To promote tolerance and cohesion in local communities

Making decisions and overseeing council performance

  • To participate in Full Council meetings, reaching and making informed and balanced decisions, and overseeing performance
  • To participate in informed and balanced decision making on committees and panels to which they might be appointed
  • To adhere to the principles of democracy and collective responsibility in decision making
  • To promote and ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of council and other public services

Representing the Council (subject to appointment)

  • To represent the Council on local outside bodies as an appointee of the Council
  • To represent the Council on local partnership bodies, promoting common interest and co-operation for mutual gain
  • To represent and be an advocate for the Council on national bodies and at national events

Internal governance, ethical standards and relationships

  • To promote and support good governance of the Council and its affairs
  • To provide community leadership and promote active citizenship
To promote and support open and transparent government
  • To support, and adhere to respectful, appropriate and effective relationships with employees of the Council
  • To adhere to the Member’s Code of Conduct, the Member/Officer Protocol and the highest standards of behaviour in public office

Personal and role development

  • To participate in opportunities for development provided for members by the authority 


To be committed to the values of the Council and the following values in public office:

  • Openness and transparency
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Equality and fairness
  • Appreciation of cultural difference
  • Sustainability