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Wales Audit Office Annual Report

Published: 11/06/2014

An annual report released on Monday 9 June highlights improvements made by Flintshire County Council and is the most positive yet from the Wales Audit Office (WAO). The report is a review by the WAO, an independent body who monitor all councils in Wales to ensure they are meeting targets and delivering and evaluating the services they provide to residents. The report also looks at planned improvements for the next year and the strategy for continued improvements. This year’s publication confirms Flintshires continued progress as a well governed and high performing Council and the absence of any new recommendations demonstrate that the regulatory body has full confidence in the Council and its ability. Details show the Council is making good progress at implementing initiatives to improve access to services; it is making progress against its five year affordable homes targets to achieve Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2020; social services continued to improve; Flintshire schools continue to provide good value for money and the Council has strengthened its approach to evaluating its own performance and financial planning and is committed to improve. To do this the Council Improvement Plan helps focus on priorities whilst adhering to standards set by Welsh Government and a constant review of financial planning will strengthen the Council’s ability to make financial decisions which will be important when making key decisions with reduced financial resources. Councillor Billy Mullin, Cabinet Member for Corporate Management said: “The letter Flintshire Council received from the WAO was the most positive indication yet that the regulator feels the Council is significantly improving. “It signals a well-rounded council and as they haven’t set any new recommendations the Auditor is happy for us to continue focusing on our original priorities. As the Council gets better at evaluating and improving its planning strategies, the services on offer to our residents can only get better.” Colin Everett, Chief Executive said: “Flintshire is building on its capability as a Council every year and our innovative approaches to achieve, plus our renewed attention to our priorities is making big impacts where they count most; in education, the local economy and housing.”