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Corporate Procurement Unit

Published: 09/05/2014

The merger of two council corporate procurement units could be in the final stages if the case for amalgamation is approved at a Cabinet meeting in Flintshire on Tuesday (13 May) and at Denbighshire County Council later this month. The Joint Corporate Procurement Unit (JCPU) would combine the buying power of two councils, Flintshire County Council and Denbighshire County Council, making savings and increasing the ability to negotiate contracts and prices. For the last two years the organisations have been working together on a trial basis with a joint management arrangement; these plans will extend the arrangements, with a full merger of the procurement teams, with Denbighshire as the host authority. There will be a joint management board with equal representation from both councils and the new business model will aim to make savings of £2m for Flintshire. A strong procurement unit can address a number of issues – saving money by using larger contracts, supporting the local economy through using smaller contracts and increasing local control to benefit communities through using social benefit clauses. Between them, the two North Wales councils spend £220m per year and creating a single team will reduce duplication and increase productivity. Councillor Billy Mullin, Cabinet Member for Corporate Management said: “Improvements need to be made to Flintshire Council’s procurement service and this business case aims to provide a more focussed approach whilst making the savings needed. All local authorities are facing the same challenges and by working in partnership together with Denbighshire we can offer joined up services that benefit both councils.”