Alert Section

Proxy votes

  • The deadline to apply for a proxy vote – 5.00pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021.
  • A proxy voter is someone you trust who you appoint to vote on your behalf.
  • You must already be registered to vote to make a proxy application. Forms and full details on eligibility can be found on the Electoral Commission website
  • Your proxy must be eligible to vote in the election and will need to be able to vote in person at your polling station, or need to apply to cast their proxy vote by post. They will receive a letter or poll card at their address giving them the necessary details
  • Postal voters are not eligible to apply for a proxy vote.

Emergency proxy votes may be available from after the proxy deadline until 5.00pm on 6th May 2021 but only under specific extenuating circumstances, find details on the Electoral Commission website or 01352 702412