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Monitoring the Improvement Plan

Published: 30/09/2014

Cabinet members have received an update on the progress of Flintshire County Council’s Improvement Plan. The Council sets out its priorities for improvement every year in the Improvement Plan, working on overall targets to develop services and living standards across the County. The plan helps the organisation focus on certain areas and is divided into eight main priorities of Environment, Housing, Living Well, Poverty, Economy and Enterprise, Skills and Learning, Safe Communities and Modern and Efficient Council. The monitoring report gives an explanation of the progress being made, and shows whether the Council is on track to achieve its desired impacts. Priorities for this year’s plan include: · Implementing the strategy to grow and sustain the private rented sector through the North East Wales Homes business plan · Preventing homelessness under Living Well · Investing in the eight Town Centre master plans as part of Economy and Enterprise · Identifying sectors with skills gaps in order to develop apprenticeships and alternative programmes and investment in training for Skills and Learning · Safe Communities working towards keeping people safe by looking at domestic abuse, sexual violence and anti-social behaviour · Providing advice and support services to help people protect their income under the Poverty priority · Developing proposals for coordinated transport across the region as part of the Environment priority · Implementing the proposed future operating model for the Council to make a Modern and Efficient Council. Councillor Billy Mullin, Cabinet Member for Corporate Management said: “By monitoring the Council’s Improvement Plan at different stages during the year, we can work out whether we are going to hit the targets and improve services for residents. “Each report shows how much progress the Council is making for the goals for the environment, housing, social services, education, community safety, economy and enterprise, management of the council and welfare reform.” Colin Everett said: “The good progress of the Improvement Plan shows we are a high performing council, making a big impact in areas that are important to the community and local services.”